An Examination of Representative Sample in Data-Based Research

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Akinniyi, Alaba Joseph
Sanni, Eneji Ademoh


The output of any research work depends, to a reasonable extent, on the adequacy of the sample from which data are obtained for the research. A sample is adequate when it is representative of the population or when it possesses the characteristics that are typical of the population from which it is drawn. The focus of this paper is on how researchers can select samples that are really representatives. Descriptive method was utilized in the writing of the paper. Attempts are made, in the paper, to describe the concepts of sample representativeness, sampling methods and sampling error. Some suggestions are then made on measures to take in carving out truly representative samples.


Selection, sample, representative sample, descriptive method, sampling error

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Alaba Joseph, A., & Eneji Ademoh, S. (2017). An Examination of Representative Sample in Data-Based Research. Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, 3(3), 1-8.
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