Vulnerability of Local Communities to Oil Installation in Isoko Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria

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Cookey A. Tammy
Tombari Bodo
M. M. P. Ukusowa
Jude Igbogho


Background of Study: Petroleum exploration has generated over 90 percent revenues to the Nigerian government, and as such the nation pays all her liabilities from the sales of petroleum products. Nigerian’s mono economy mostly based petroleum exploration, has brought a lot of sufferings to the people in the region where the oils are being drilled from. The people of Isoko Local Government Area (LGA) has suffered from the environmental pollution and devastation of their lands as a result of oil exploration activities for many years now, especially from numerous oil installations of the operating oil companies. This study examines the vulnerability of the local communities to these oil installations.

Materials and Methods: The study employed the use of questionnaire to acquire data relating to the vulnerability of communities to oil installation in Isoko LGA in Delta State. 600 copies of questionnaires were administered to the residents of the chosen communities using a simple random sampling technique which gives room for equal chance of any of the resident to be chosen in the study area. Descriptive statistics was used to explain the frequencies of the variables in terms of their percentage. Results of the analysis were presented using tables, bar charts, hazard maps, among others.

Results: it was revealed that the vulnerability to oil installation is high in the Isoko LGA, thereby leading to a high rate of environmental degradation in these communities.

Conclusion: it is concluded that end the suffering of the people to oil installations, the operating oil companies should pay special attention to needs of their host communities and proactive to any possible hazard that might have results from oil installation. The government should enforce the environmental laws that protect the environment and ensure that the multinational oil companies adhere strictly to them.

Vulnerability, exploitation, exploration, petroleum, oil installation

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Tammy, C. A., Bodo, T., Ukusowa, M. M. P., & Igbogho, J. (2019). Vulnerability of Local Communities to Oil Installation in Isoko Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria. Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, 9(3), 1-9.
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