A Decipherment of the Eteocretan Inscription from Psychro (Crete)

Ioannis K. Kenanidis, Evangelos C. Papakitsos

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Public Debt and Economic Growth in Nigeria

Elom- Obed Ozioma Favour, Odo Stephen Idenyi, Elom Obed Oge, I. Anoke Charity

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An Assessment of the Sustainability of Resettlers Livelihood Assets in the Apo Resettlement Scheme of Abuja, Nigeria

S. D. Musa, N. A. Ismail, P. U. Akoji

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Are New Generation of Students of Healthcare Management Focused on Social Entrepreneurship? A Field Study

Aykut Ekiyor, Yasemin Bolat

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Reproductive Dimensions of Ethnicity: The Present Situation of Prominent Ethnic Communities of Sylhet District, Bangladesh

S. Akter, M. S. Mazumder, M. Alam, N. Pal, M. N. Mozahid

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