The Youth and Contemporary Art in Ghana

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Samuel Nortey
Edwin K. Bodjawah
George Ampratwum


This study looked at Ghanaian youth and contemporary art vis a vis perception and challenges involved in contemporary art practices in Ghana. The current practice of contemporary art by Ghanaian youth has come under scrutiny, with many questioning the place of art in their practice and exhibitions. Using a triangulation of interviews, observation and survey, the study revealed that Ghanaian youth are actively embracing contemporary art and have developed an interest in exhibitions despite challenges of accepting the expanded media, processes and forms it could take. Despite the misunderstanding of what contemporary art should be and what should not, contemporary art is gradually gaining grounds and recognition in Ghana and placing the Ghanaian art on the international art scene. Although the youth have no privileged routes and a weak infrastructure for art making, recent teachings, coupled with a passion to train independent artists, commitment and collaborative efforts by the youth have made recent exhibitions trailblazers on the continent. Through more experimental projects, critique sessions and exhibitions, the Gown would surely get to Town. The passion for more experimental approaches to art making and exhibition signal greater and emancipated future for art in Ghana.

Contemporary art, youth, Ghana, art materials, perception

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Nortey, S., K. Bodjawah, E., & Ampratwum, G. (2018). The Youth and Contemporary Art in Ghana. Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, 7(1), 1-13.
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