Biblical Mathematics and Its Influence on Capacity Building in Africa

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Isaac Oluseun Adejumo


Africa is a resource-rich continent but many of the Africa-based scholars and the continent are confronted with many challenges, such as insufficiency of means and inadequate research collaboration. These scholars are making efforts to overcome these challenges to present Africa as part of the global solution rather than consumers of knowledge. This paper adopted a mathematical approach of 5 chasing 100 and a 100, chasing 10000 (Group 1); or 1 chasing 1000 and 2, chasing 10000 (Group 2) to aid collaborations among Africa-based scholars and institutions, as an effective means of overcoming the challenges confronting the continent. Basic mathematical approach, using the principles of directly proportional variation was used to unfold the nitty-gritty of this seemingly contradictory Biblical mathematics. The results revealed that the multiplier factor between the two groups was the same. Group performance enhanced individual’s performance, but several input levels were required for Group 1 to generate equal performance level as in Group 2. Understanding this Biblical mathematics reveals that its use spans beyond religious discourse.

Africa, Biblical contradiction, Biblical mathematics, capacity building

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Adejumo, I. (2018). Biblical Mathematics and Its Influence on Capacity Building in Africa. Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, 7(3), 1-8.
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