The Poster Artwork in the Art of the Palestinian Artist Marwan Al-Allan

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Suhad Hamdan Humidan
Mastika bin Lamat


Aims: To propose an artistic analysis of the evolution of Palestinian poster art via the analysis of the artwork of the artist Marwan Al-Alan. The artist Marwan Al-Alaan witnessed the tragedy of Palestine and expressed it through his paintings and posters, and he followed the events that Palestine had witnessed through his creative art works in this field.

Study Design: The study is a qualitative approach that used the descriptive analysis of literature and interview

Place and Duration of Study: The study is a descriptive discussion of the artwork of the Palestinian Artist Marwan Al-Allan. An interview conducted with the artist in October 2017.

Methodology: A non-structured interview was conducted with the desire artist to provide an insight of his work and its relation to the Palestinian cause. The author mainly contributes in choosing the proper artwork, which was analyzed for its artistic features and values.

Results: It is clear how influenced the Palestinian artist Marwan Al-Alan with his relation to the Palestinian land and with everything that it is going through from events, and how his style, and contents of his works change according to the nature of his connection to the event. The artist's influence with non-Palestinian environment, and its effect of this on his beliefs when he is outside of his country and there are no events related to home like it used to be when the artist was in Jordan during the eighties. It is noted that there is a qualitative difference in the symbols of artistic artwork. Symbols are used during the outbreak of the revolution and armed struggle, but disappeared during the first Intifada (insurrection) and the rock replaced the rifle. In addition, national identity symbols such as Kuffiyeh (Arab head cover) and the map of Palestine were present in some of the paintings and designs.

Conclusion: The symbolic indications of elements and the symbols used in the Palestinian graphic experience have contributed to preserving the identity of the Palestinian heritage, and transforming it to the outside world, though in difficulty, since the Palestinian artists lack the freedom to travel due to the Israeli occupation.

Poster, Palestine, Jerusalem, Marwan Al-Allan, art analysis.

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