Local Government Administration and the Development of Oba Akoko, Akoko South West Local Government, Ondo State, Nigeria

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Adejompo Fagbohunka


The recognition and importance of local government in the development process is prompted by the imperative to tackle local socio-economic problems and to manage grassroots development, especially through provision of basic infrastructure. The paper therefore, underscores the impacts of local government administration on the development of oba Akoko, Akoko South west Local government, Ondo state, Nigeria. The first stage in the collection of primary data is the reconnaissance survey of the study area where nine quarters in Oba Akoko region was identified, namely;  Odooro, Obaju, Owaodo, Irefun, Ekusi, Ode arinkansin, Ibeware, Odokele, Oketere. Fifteen questionnaires were administered in each of the nine quarters through random sampling method, making a total of one hundred and thirty five. Oral interview was also conducted at the local government to elicit vital information on the developmental activities and the challenges among others. The paper reveals inadequate performance of the local government in the area of transportation, infrastructural development and the employment creation. The study further found out that the local government impacts on the local economy and housing were positive. Also, the contribution of the local government concerning combating of crimes was insignificant. The paper reveals that there is poor performance of the local government towards the developmental programmes; also, the local government has not done well in the development activities and assistance to farmers and the artisans were inadequate. The factors hindering the successful implementation of the developmental programmes in Oba Akoko, includes corruption on the one hand and undue interference of the state government concerning local government affairs on the other hand. The paper however recommends among others that; local government allocation should be increased by the federal government, undue interference from governments at the state and federal level should be minimized, while corruption should be discouraged.

Grassroot, local government administration, development, infrastructure, Oba Akoko.

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Fagbohunka, A. (2019). Local Government Administration and the Development of Oba Akoko, Akoko South West Local Government, Ondo State, Nigeria. Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, 8(3), 1-10. https://doi.org/10.9734/arjass/2019/v8i330099
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