Origin of Worshipping the Mother Goddess in Vietnam

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Vu Hong Van


For centuries Mother Goddess worship has been a source of strength, inspiration and spirituality in Vietnam, particularly among working-class families. Along with the worship of ancestors, the belief of worshipping the village tutelary gods, the worship of Mother Goddess has maintained an important position in the spiritual life of the Vietnamese people. Though over throughout many the years, this form of folk the religion has waxed and waned, recently there has been a resurgence following the inscription by UNESCO in 2016 of the phenomenon of Mother Goddess worship (Dao Mau) as intangible cultural heritage. Much as it plays an important role in contributing to the Vietnamese culture, there are many different viewpoints on the origin of this religion. This article contributes to helping readers have a more complete and comprehensive view of the origin of this important folk religion of the Vietnamese people.

Origin, belief, worship, Mother Goddess, Vietnamese people.

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