Students’ Self Identity Model on Social Media Instagram: A Case of Swadaya Gunung Jati University, Cirebon West Java, Indonesia

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Farida Nurfalah
. Kholil
Puji Lestari
Titi Widaningsih


The presence of Instagram social media provides a space for communication and interaction in cyberspace. The students will do various ways to maintain their existence in their environment. The purpose of this study is to find out the student identity model on social media Instagram at Swadaya Gunung Jati University, Cirebon City which consists of; 1. To see student identity using Instagram, 2. To see student identity on social media Instagram, 3. To see the hierarchy of student identity on social media Instagram, 4. To see student models of self-identity on social media Instagram. The research method used is by using a qualitative descriptive approach with a constructivism paradigm and using a phenomenological research design. The population in the study of students who are active on Instagram's, while the informant retrieval technique was carried out by purposive sampling as many as 12 informants who actively use Instagram.The instrument used to collect data conducted by interviewing informants, observation is also carried out such as by capturing posts and sentences on their Instagram media accounts as well as from being obtained from references to books and journals and other documentation. Data were analyzed by describing phenomena or experiences experienced by the subject, then finding statements and grouping them into a meaningful unit, then detailing these units and writing a text explanation of their experiences accompanied by examples carefully, then reflecting their thoughts using structural descriptions by searching the whole meaning by considering the frame of reference for the symptoms and constructing how these symptoms are experienced, then constructing the entire explanation of the meaning and essence of the experience. The results of the study found that young Instagram users have a clear stance, goals and desires, they actively construct themselves as a student identity including displays, reality and agents on social media in the form of photo posts, videos, status updates and instances, as well as giving emojis and give each other comments. The self-commitment to identity is accepted as a reinforcement of their identity and becomes their self-concept. Users are also recognized for their identity in organizations, the hobby community, and academics. The Students' self-identity models in Instagram social media that occur by being introduced and reinforced by their self-concept and it is expected that the function of social media is used for positive things related to the development of student identity as late teens and as the nation's successor who has a firm stand with high integrity and can avoid a high "narcissistic" culture which can also be a reference for students. at other universities.

Self-identity model, instagram social media.

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Nurfalah, F., Kholil, ., Lestari, P., & Widaningsih, T. (2020). Students’ Self Identity Model on Social Media Instagram: A Case of Swadaya Gunung Jati University, Cirebon West Java, Indonesia. Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, 12(2), 1-13.
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