Evaluation of Mathematics Teachers’ Knowledge at UNRWA Schools in Gaza Strip about the Action Research Concepts and Process

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Heba A. M. Abuabdou
Salahaldin M. A. Abuabdou


In this study, the availability of action research knowledge was measured among teachers of mathematics in schools belongs to Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) in Gaza Strip. The study sample consisted of 241 male and female teachers, where the study sample contained (25%) of the total study population, which consists of (972) active teacher during the current study time (second semester- 2019/2020). It was found that the sample has a strong knowledge about the action research concepts. Moreover, it was confirmed that there are no significant differences attributed to the variables of gender, training programs, and educational qualification. Meanwhile, the results showed that there is a significant effect by the teacher’s age and cumulative experience on the teachers’ knowledge of action research. Based on the findings, the challenges and obstacles that prevent teachers or limit their ability to perform action research must be studied and thus an attempt should be made to overcome those obstacles in order to push the teacher to perform the action research.

Action research, mathematics teachers, knowledge.

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Abuabdou, H. A. M., & Abuabdou, S. M. A. (2020). Evaluation of Mathematics Teachers’ Knowledge at UNRWA Schools in Gaza Strip about the Action Research Concepts and Process. Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, 12(3), 13-24. https://doi.org/10.9734/arjass/2020/v12i330190
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