Are Chopin Waltzes Salon Music?

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Haoxuan Yu


Chopin is always regarded as a representative of salon pianist, and his waltzes and nocturnes are regarded as models of salon music. But according to the fact, not all Chopin waltzes fall within the realm of salon music, but many articles or reports lead the readers to think in inappropriate ways, so that they have a considerable misunderstanding of Chopin's waltzes. Through the analysis of several waltzes, the letter puts forward that Chopin waltzes could not possibly be generalized as salon music, and it further discusses the emotional expression function of Chopin's waltzes.

Chopin, waltz, salon music, emotional expression

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Yu, H. (2021). Are Chopin Waltzes Salon Music?. Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, 14(1), 19-21.


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