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Review: The Powers of the Universe by Brian Swimme

Z. G. Ma

Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, Page 1-8
DOI: 10.9734/ARJASS/2018/38313

This essay presents a review on Brian Swimme’s 3-DVD set of lecture series in the interdisciplinary field of philosophy, cosmology and consciousness. In the eleven 45-minute episodes of a systematic 9-hour immersive program, a set of 12 intercorrelated cosmological powers is proposed on the basis of modern scientific theory. A positive and life-affirming vision of human potential is attained together with a new level of ecological responsibility and relatedness. The interwoven cosmological paradigm compromises with two ancient eastern wisdoms.


Open Access Short Research Article

Role of Women in Remittance-earning Households: Evidence from Sylhet City, Bangladesh

Tamanna Islam, Md. Abdul Ahad, Dr. Mitu Chowdhury, Tanvir Ahmed

Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, Page 1-7
DOI: 10.9734/ARJASS/2018/38316

Women in remittance earning household have to perform various sorts of roles and responsibilities in and out of their house. The present study investigated the socio-economic characteristics of remittance earning household as well as the part of women in remittance-earning households in Sylhet city. In this study, through using snowball sampling technique, 60 respondents (women) were drawn from two randomly selected areas namely “Uposhahar” and “Shibgonj”. The survey result showed that 68.33 percent of the sampled respondents belonged to the age group 36-45, and 21.67% was in 25-35 age groups. Near about 36.67% of the respondents passed the higher secondary level of education and only 8.33% completed primary degree of education. Most top 71.67% was the member of the nuclear family. Moreover, the study also depicted that 42 of the total 60 respondents were dependent on foreign earning and in the most family, foreign remittances were the primary source of their household income. However, key findings of the study stated that females mostly performed remittance-receiving household’s activities. A remarkable 95% of the respondents usually go to the bank for banking deal. The study also ascertained that about 80% of the female used to go for paying the bill. Besides this, they teach their children, take with and bring them from school as well as perform others households chores. Moreover, in the absence of household head, most of the women execute the prime functions of the household head. They also undertake several tricky strategies for their survival along with the betterment of the family. These indicate that in the absence of their male counterparts, most of the sampled female people were capable of running their family and other functions in remittance-earning households. Finally, areas and context-specific data are essential to identify the role of the female in remittance earning household and also for future policies, effective surveillance initiatives.


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Nigerian Government and Terrorists’ Negotiation: The Case of Chibok School Girls

Gabriel T. Abumbe, Ojie A. Peter, Emmanuel Eyo Etim, Augustine Akah

Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, Page 1-10
DOI: 10.9734/ARJASS/2018/37236

The question of how potent negotiation is in ending violent terrorist campaigns has remained unanswered. This is because terrorist negotiation is morally repugnant as it is politically necessary. This study investigated the pros and cons of Nigerian government and BK negotiation. It examines some conditions that are necessary for fruitful negotiations as well as some factors that could contribute to failed negotiations; using the games theory. A qualitative method of data analysis was adopted in this study. Findings revealed that negotiation is one of the most viable options in the hands of the Nigerian Government to restore peace in the country and stop the continuous killings by BK. However, this negotiation should be done between representatives of the government and appropriate authorities within the sect. This paper recommends that terrorist negotiation        should remain as the last resort and negotiation process should commence only when every    other options have failed. Also, relevant bodies, stakeholders, Non-Governmental       Organizations and the general public should be involved in the fight against BK and other insurgent groups.


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Existential Chaos: Analysis of Harold Pinter's “The Birthday Party”

Mudasir Ahmad Mir, Vinita Mohindra

Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, Page 1-5
DOI: 10.9734/ARJASS/2018/38079

The play “The Birthday Party” delineates the predicaments faced by the people in the second half of the 20th century. It represents the existential problems among the post-war generations who have given up life and stuck in utter seclusion. The elderly class have been living life by a normal means; however, they are made to suffer by younger class in ample ways. Life in post-war period is seen as a dark-phase in the history of England. The circumstances were completely unfavourable to sustain and lead a life in the certain optimistic mood. Pinter has portrayed this sense of being and existence in dramatic approach through his narratives giving the image of menace and suffering in post-war period. The research paper is an original work to present the humanistic-existential approach of Pinter towards post-war societies. It is an effort to study the ontological dilemma that has compelled these humans to resort to absolute isolation, dragging their life toward chaos, anxiety, distress, fear, threat, and vis-à-vis utter absurdism.


Open Access Original Research Article

Izapa Stela 5, Mexico: An Analysis Based on Gadamerian Aesthetics

Arturo G. Rillo, Beatriz E. Martínez-Carrillo, Irene Durante-Montiel, Octavio Castillo y López, Noé Héctor Esquivel Estada

Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, Page 1-16
DOI: 10.9734/ARJASS/2018/38247

Aims: This study aims to analyze the scene represented in the Izapa Stela 5 from the Gadamer’s aesthetic, to unveil the link between myth and logos in the horizon of understanding of the Mayan civilization.

Study Design: Philosophical research.

Place and Duration of Study: The fieldwork was carried out in Izapa, Chiapas, Mexico and the philosophical analysis in the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico. The study was developed during the period of January-December 2016.

Methodology: A hermeneutic investigation was carried out in two stages (destructive and constructive) and four phases (analytical and comprehensive, reconstructive and critical). The following categories were analyzed: cosmovision, anamnestic content, aesthetic-moral meaning.

Results: Izapa Stela 5 narrates the life-death event linked to the Mayan cosmogony. Doing in the world is shaped by the anamnestic mythical truth giving meaning to the good and exposes the moral significance of Maya cultural coexistence and cultural coherence. The analysis revealed the following scales: word, dialogue, peace, solidarity; all of them articulated in a syncretic praxis that gives meaning to being and doing in the world of life of the Mayan population.

Conclusion: The beautiful nature of Izapa Stela 5 exposes the consciousness of the actual history of being and make of the Mayan culture communicating contents of life and death as axes of aesthetic experience.