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Dance Movement Therapy: Is There Scope in Modern Medicine?

Lakshmi Kowdley Hemanth

Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, Page 1-5
DOI: 10.9734/arjass/2020/v11i430174

Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) has evolved over decades and is currently increasing its scope of application in modern medicine. The origin of DMT dates back to the early 1900s. Review of Literature explores the benefits of DMT as a holistic approach in treatment of various medical conditions ranging from mental health to physical rehabilitation purposes. There is a strong argument regarding imbibing DMT in care homes and across all age groups at various levels and forms as it is proving beneficial. Recognised programmes and trainers with knowledge of structured DMT is the way forward.

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Gender Based Violence among Married Persons in Awka Town from a Glocalizing Context: A Comparative Study of Mental Health and Loneliness

Nwankwo, Emeka Anthony, Mabia, Chidozie Emmanuel, Eweni, Henry Ikemefuna, Obasi, Ifeanyi Michael, Ezeakabekwe, Samuel Uche

Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, Page 6-15
DOI: 10.9734/arjass/2020/v11i430175

Aim: The study considered if mental health and loneliness would have comparativeness on gender based violence in glocalizing context in Awka town.

Methods: 149 married persons serve as participants. Systematic sampling technique was used for participants’ selection. They comprised of 71 male and 78 female. Their age ranged from 23-53 years with mean age of 39.66 and standard deviation of 8.76. Conflict Tactics Scales, Short Warwick–Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale and UCLA Loneliness Scale were employed for data generation. 2×2 Factorial Design and Two-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) statistic were used to analyze the data.

Results: The first hypothesis which stated that those with positive mental health will not differ significantly from those with negative mental health on gender based violence among married persons and second hypothesis which stated that those with positive loneliness will not differ significantly from those with negative loneliness on gender based violence among married persons were both confirmed at p>.05. The third hypothesis which stated that mental health and loneliness will not have significant interaction on gender based violence among married persons was also confirmed at p>.05. Hence, the study established suggestions.

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Concerns and Trends in the Ecological House Design and Arrangement from Film to Reality

Bogdan-Vasile Cioruța, Mirela Coman

Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, Page 16-27
DOI: 10.9734/arjass/2020/v11i430176

Following the technical and social norms in force, a dwelling is defined as a construction intended to house one or more persons. It is considered a dwelling, the construction consisting of one or more living rooms, with the related outbuildings, the necessary endowments, and utilities that form a common body with the construction, the residential destination and that satisfies the living requirements of a person or family. To successfully design and decorate a house, we need a vision - an image in the mind's eye of the happiest place imaginable. By adding things that make our home as relaxing as possible and removing everything that causes stress, we can explore and develop our ideas. This is how, most of the time, and especially lately, the trend in terms of designing and arranging the house is left within reach of the online environment, especially at the disposal of cinema. The latter has in many cases come to provide new information on the design of housing, but mainly to guide and dictate the arrangement of living space. Through this paper we set out to highlight a small part of the examples of houses inspired by films or TV shows (16 in total), regardless of their nature, just to mark a particularly important step on the stage of modern architecture - that of the involvement of film art. Even if it is impossible, at this moment, to try to represent the actual number or percentage of houses made after movies or TV shows, the results of this study confirmed that cinema has a role in the living space architecture, progress itself is related to the vision of the most important directors of the modern world.

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Decision Making and Truck Operating Costs on Haulage Business in Lagos, Nigeria

Christopher Adesola Wojuade, Jubril Oladosu

Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, Page 28-37
DOI: 10.9734/arjass/2020/v11i430177

Aim: To evaluates how managers take decisions on variable components of freight operation and its effects on truck operating costs in haulage business in Lagos, Nigeria.

Study Design: The structure of this paper is a descriptive design. It identified a gap in knowledge and employed a structured questionnaire to obtain useful information that gives a clearer understanding of the subject in a new environment. The data collected was analysed using descriptive statistics.

Place and Duration of Study: Haulage companies operating in Lagos, Nigeria between June and August 2019.

Methodology: The population study is 2154 staff drawn from the eight purposively selected registered haulage companies in Lagos, Nigeria. A structured questionnaire was randomly administered on 337 personnel involved in freight operations. The questionnaire survey was conducted to obtain information on company’s expenses and policy decisions on truck operating components.

Result: The decision to use new truck reduces fuel consumption and maintenance cost of haulage business. Furthermore, remunerating drivers in salary is cost effective, regular training of drivers improves their performance while high empty return trips leads to revenue loss. Business owners take decisions on huge financial investment while managers handled those that are directly related to daily fleet operations.

Conclusion: The study concluded that decisions on components of freight operation increases truck operating cost of the haulage companies in the study area. The study therefore recommends policy actions that will enhance productivity of haulage companies through effective decisions.

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Music Reliefs Stress & Anxiety during COVID 19 Pandemic

Jashia Mozib Porshi

Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, Page 38-42
DOI: 10.9734/arjass/2020/v11i430178

Fighting against anxiety caused by COVID 19 pandemic is inevitable to mental health programs in every country amid this pandemic circumstance. A 2019 study found that music encourages the release of dopamine in the synapses of the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in our cognitive, emotional and behavioral functioning known as the “happy hormone”. It helps create the feeling of pleasure. Whilewe have long known that music improves mood, there’s increasing evidence that it can also contribute to mental & physical health. Being COVID 19 front line warriors, Doctors and police personnel go through exhausting work schedules stretching up to 12 hours or more a day and many of them are finding music therapy a tool to ease their stress levels. When the body is stressed, it may feel tense & tight that may require music therapy helping to facilitate relaxation to reduce anxiety.