Nature (Impact Factor: 41.6) confirmed high standard of SDI journal and its editors


We are happy to inform that Nature (Impact Factor: 41.6) confirmed high standard of SDI journal and its editors (Article link: As per the article, an investigation found that dozens of academic journals offered ‘ Anna Szust –Dr Fraud’ — a sham, unqualified scientist — a place on their editorial board. Thousands of academic journals do not aspire to quality. They exist primarily to extract fees from authors. These ‘predatory’ journals exhibit questionable marketing schemes, follow lax or non-existent peer-review procedures and fail to provide scientific rigour or transparency. Crucial to a journal’s quality is its editors. Editors decide whether a paper is reviewed and by whom, and whether a submission should be rejected, revised or accepted. Such roles have usually been assigned to established experts in the journal’s field, and are considered prestigious positions. Many predatory journals hoping to cash in seem to aggressively and indiscriminately recruit academics to build legitimate-looking editorial boards. The authors of the article conceived a sting operation and submitted a fake application for an editor position to 360 journals, a mix of legitimate titles and suspected predators. Forty-eight journals accepted the application.

One of our journals was also targeted by the authors of this NATURE article as part of the sting operation. They also sent the application. But SDI editorial screening committee rejected that the application as it was very low quality and suspicious. The profile was dismally inadequate for a role as editor. In fact, ScienceDomain International never bothered to send a reply to the applicant. ScienceDomain International has not sent even a rejection mail.

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At ScienceDomain we maintain a very high-quality stringent evaluation process during the selection of editors. Our editors are chosen after a 6 steps checking process. SDI selects the editors, who only pass these six-step evaluation criteria. Additionally, SDI publicly publishes profile link, the institutional link of the editors. To maintain the highest level of transparency, SDI follows ‘open peer review’ process. Along with the published paper, SDI journals publicly publish all the peer review reports, editorial reports, different versions of the revised manuscript. Names of the editors and reviewers are also published publicly along with any published paper.

SDI congratulates all our esteemed editors to maintain the high standard of our journals. SDI is also thankful to the editors, as they do tremendous hard-work in different rounds of peer review process to uplift the quality of published papers. SDI is also thankful to the reviewers of our journals, who relentlessly work to evaluate manuscripts. Without the sincere, dedicated and honest help of editors and reviewers from the very beginning, SDI journals cannot maintain this high quality.

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Ms. M. B. Mondal, Ph.D.