Prof. Pina Filippello

Pina Filippello is Associate Professor in Developmental and Education Psychology (11/E2) at the University of Messina. Studying Human life-span development (SH4_2) and Education: systems and institutions, teaching and learning (SH4_12). Coordinates Master Degree in “Clinical and Health Psychology in the life cycle”, Professional course in « Autism at School  and Master Program in « Learning Disabilities ». She has been also Member of PhD board in “Psychological Science ” and of Scientific Committee for Master program “ School Psychology- University of Messina. Her research fields focus on: Reading and Writing Processes in Children with Typical and Atypical Development, Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Academic Performance and Emotional-motivational characteristics

She is the author of book and several manuscripts about cognitive and metacognitive processes involved in reading and writing skills, developmental disorders such as emotional-behavioral problems of adolescents and the link between some contextual and individual variables, both involved in the promotion or inhibition of decision making processes, in the attributional style and in dysfunctional beliefs (Learned Helplessness) and academic performance.